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Quickly build a more efficient Incident Action Plan

  • Resource caching simplifies data entry
  • Exportable forms to PDF format
  • ICS forms communicate with one another to streamline data entry
  • Roll up all resource data automatically
  • GIS maps showing resources and staging areas
  • Easily control IAP access
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Share big picture awareness of complex, evolving situations

  • Relevant data when needed
  • Brings order to complex situations
  • Actionable information leads to informed decisions
  • Real-time alerts and notifications
  • User and system level dashboards
  • Role-based access control, multiple device support, integration of your data along with data from third-party sources
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Obtain actionable information from your data

  • Easily build custom charts, graphs, and maps from your data sources to gain a deeper understanding of the available information
  • Collection information reported from the field using Alastar’s mobile App and forms
  • Analyze information from multiple sources at once with user configurable Dashboards
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Learn how Alastar improves Public Safety.

Alastar delivers a comprehensive, shared awareness of complex situations to improve public safety operations and emergency response.
Information can be viewed in multiple layers on any device with internet access, including phone, workstations, lapstops, or video walls in command centers.

Various systems and devices can feed into Alastar, including stationary cameras, weather feeds, traffic feeds, GPS-based resource tracking maps, or reports, videos and images captured by personnel in the field.

Why Alastar?

Despite its power, robust functionality and scalability, Alastar is cost-effective and easy to use.

  • EASY

    Alastar is easy to install, learn, use, and customize. An intuitive administration panel allows you to assign roles, grant access and set permissions.


    It’s easy to add and delete feeds, such as cameras and sensors. The icons used by Alastar can be customized to make sense to your organization.


    Alastar is a cost effective way to maximize the effectiveness of your existing resources. Startup costs are low and hosting services – if needed – are affordable.


    Alastar can be as small as a resource tracking system shared among a few people or as large as an information sharing system with thousands of users across multiple of organizations.

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